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Vertical Marketing

In addition to its guiding principle, rBAUERdesign applies a vertical marketing approach to its communications work. Simply stated, vertical marketing requires the identification of the core group of decision-makers or purchasers relevant to your businessthen concentrating and focusing the marketing effort specifically on that group.

Imperative is looking at how a customer defines the value of ones company – not necessarily how a company defines its own value.

It should be through a very concentrated and channeled focus that specific decision-makers and market segments – those in which your company is strongest and offers the greatest chance of success – be prioritized and exploited with budgets focused exclusively on those segments and individuals.

After defining the goals, establishing a strategy and developing a plan, everyone involved in dealing with new, existing or prospective customers (from receptionist to VP of Sales) should be aware of and understand a firms messaging so that every person representing the company is communicating in a similar way with a similar voice. A fractured message is a weak marketing approach.

As a result of defining markets and goals, and setting boundaries and constraints, vertical marketing is a very trackable and accountable marketing approach with greater fiscal control and lower expenditures.


Vertical marketing is not the only way to fulfill your objectives. Others include:

Inbound Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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